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Evan Williams

I’m Evan Williams, an actor/stand up comedian/writer from NC who came up in comedy in New York City from 2012-2020 before moving to LA in February of last year. I’ve been featured in Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, the Comedy Cellar in NYC, and made appearances on Comedy Central and TV shows like FBI, The Americans, and Netflix’s The Break. The most meaningful project in the pipeline however is my upcoming work with CFF, to honor my brother, hero, and best friend - Noah - who lived with Cystic Fibrosis for 28 beautiful, adventurous, loving years. Noah knew that life was short - he got his masters in psychology, wrote a book, skydove the Great Barrier Reef, bungee jumped naked in Cancun, and loved. He lived. A lot. And he raised me. Maybe even more than my parents did (no offense, dad). I am who I am because of him and my goal is to help give back to all the Noahs living with CF today and prolong the lives of all the Noahs to come, in a future where being born with CF doesn’t involve the doctor even sitting the parents down to tell them. It’ll be a quick, standing up conversation! Nice and short! Thanks for jumping on this ride with me. Let’s make a difference!


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Recent Donations

1. Heather Callejas
I may not be able to change the whole world, but if I can help change it for even just one person, than I think that makes all the difference. Thank you for using your platform to spark change, Evan. I bet your brother would be so proud. 🖤
2. Angelina Smith
Evan Williams, you are amazing, kind and loving human being. I'm sure your brother Noah is proud of you.
3. Tom Burnham
4. Corey Brown
While I don't know anyone afflicted with CF, I just had to donate to the cause because one of my favorite people asked me to, and that's Evan. I feel like I owe him for inspiring me to embark on my own journey of self-improvement, so his asking of me to donate gets an automatic "yes," no questions asked. Keep being an awesome person Evan!
5. Ian
I work in healthcare, and I will say that sometimes we wish we could do more for people with condition like CF and more. Love the initiative and cause. Keep doing great things, Evan.
6. Chris Leong
Growing up, I first learned of CF through One Republic’s music video for “I lived”. Though I do not know of anyone personally who has it, I have family and friends who have died to medical/health complications. If my small donation can help someone else live a better, longer life in the future, then I gladly give what I can to support the cause. Thanks for inspiring.