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Welcome to the Richmond's Finest & Brewers Ball Committee Page

RVA Finest And Brewers Ball Committee

RVA Finest and Brewers Ball Committee

Meet the dedicated team of volunteer leaders that make the Richmond's Finest & Brewers Ball campaign possible: the Finest & Brewers Ball Committees! Members of the Finest Committee recruit, steward, and support the 2022 class of Finest honorees in their fundraising efforts, while the Brewers Ball Committee assists the CF Founation in organizing event logistics, sponsor and vendor recruitment, and community outreach. 

Richmond's Finest Committee
Josh Bolhuis, Chair
Callie Guy, Vice Chair
Rachel Adams
Emma Bruny
Wyatt Lifsey

Richmond Brewers Ball Committee
Emma Bruny, Co-Chair
Harrison McVey, Co-Chair
Ali Moore, Vice Chair
Emily Janto
Murphy Kerner


raised of $2,500 goal

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