Every donation no matter the size helps us continue our effort in helping others. For sponsorship opportunities including in-kind donations please contact us. )

CFF Finest campaign and Brewer’s Ball sponsors are an important part of our fight for a cure.
2019 Sponsorship Proposal
$10,000 Presenting Sponsor ($9,700 tax deductible)
$7,500 Mission Sponsor ($7,260 tax deductible)
$5,000 Brews & Food Sponsor ($4,800 tax deductible)
$3,000 Honoree Sponsor ($2,840 tax deductible)
$2,500 Auction Sponsor ($2,380 tax deductible)
$1,500 Band & Stage Sponsor ($1,420 tax deductible)
$1,000 Acknowledgement of Support (100% tax deductible)

Purchase Sponsorships here.
For more information, contact Ellyn Kirtley, Development Manager, at ekirtley@cff.org or call 804.527.1500.
In-kind sponsorships for Brews & Food sponsors and for the Brewer’s Ball auction are also available.
Honoree Sponsor
Mission Sponsor
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