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If you are visiting this page, then we have probably met, but if not, I extend you a huge hello.  Either way, thank you for visiting this page and reading my message.  For almost 25 years I’ve been volunteering for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in connection with their fundraising efforts aimed at financing their mission of curing cystic fibrosis (CF).  During that time, I’ve participated in numerous CF Foundation events in hopes of helping the organization make a difference.  Now, I’m delighted to inform you that the CF Foundation is honoring me and others at a special event recognizing a select group of professionals in my community. In accepting this distinction, I have committed to raise money to help the CF Foundation realize its mission of curing cystic fibrosis (CF) and providing all people inflicted with CF the opportunity to lead long, fulfilling lives.

If you know me, you know that I’m passionate about certain things in life, including my friends, my hobbies and my immeasurable love of music.  But I also care deeply about making a difference in the world and leaving some kind of lasting impact.  I don’t have any children, and as you go through life and a lot of people have come and gone, it sometimes gets harder to feel as though you are making any kind of difference in anyone else’s life.  However, my volunteer efforts for CF Foundation have really allowed me to feel a lot more impactful.  Even though CF itself has not played a role in my personal life, working with the CF Foundation for nearly a quarter century and seeing the visual and statistical evidence that their efforts are saving and extending many precious lives, and the happiness they have brought to families and individuals along the way, has driven my commitment to the CF Foundation’s mission. Plus, the fact that such an overwhelming percentage of the CF Foundation’s donation revenue goes directly into funding CF research makes my personal efforts feel that much more connected to the current medical advancements and the ultimate goal of a cure.

You can feel this way too. Please help me meet my fundraising goal by making a donation. By supporting my fundraising efforts, you have an opportunity in your lifetime to be a part of ending this disease. Please consider joining us to help make medical history. We are getting closer than ever.
Nearly 40,000 people in the United States have cystic fibrosis, a progressive, genetic disease that affects the lungs, pancreas, and other organs. Sixty years ago, children with CF usually did not live long enough to attend elementary school. Today, because of Foundation-supported research and care, the median survival age of people with CF is over 50. Working alongside the CF community, the CF Foundation has fostered the development of more than a dozen CF treatments and helped add decades of life for CF patients. Yet, many who have CF do not benefit from existing therapies. CF Foundation’s vision is a cure for every person afflicted with CF and those individuals’ freedom from the disease’s burdens, with no one left behind.

To learn more about CF and the CF Foundation, visit www.cff.org. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those with cystic fibrosis. Thank you for supporting me and the mission of the CF Foundation!



As you know, I’m working on a fundraising campaign for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, an organization that I’ve been supporting for 25 years. One example, among so many, of the courageous CF kids and parents engaged in the daily fight against the punishing disease is 7-year-old Elizabeth Clow, daughter to Christy and Mike Clow who live out in Albany Park in Chicago. I had the honorable distinction of being suggested by Christy and Mike as one of the honorees for this year's Magnificent event after chatting with them while I was volunteering at the CFF’S Chef's Gala back in March.  Who knew that my eavesdropping on Mike's conversation that night with a friend about bourbon would lead me to honoree status? Anyway, I had the chance to visit Christy's and Mike's place and meet their daughter Elizabeth during August.  You'd never know that Elizabeth fights CF daily as she plays in the front yard (she boisterously announced my arrival to everyone at the Clows').  The afternoon session of her twice-daily treatment with the jacket that clears her lungs involves her playing Minecraft, at which she is a whiz.  Other than the treatment, the casual observer might not ever know that anything was out of the ordinary, but make no mistake, countless pills, enzymes, breathing treatments and other therapies are required to maintain her good health. CF patients face an insufferable burden that even the most fearless 7-year-old or the most determined parents need tremendous help in overcoming. This is where you can make a difference. Please help me and the CFF in the effort to defeat this disease for Elizabeth, her parents, and every CF patient and their loved ones out there by making a donation at the donation tab on this page.  Also, my story of why I got involved in this battle can be found in the post above, and I ask you to please donate in order to continue to help us get closer to a cure.  Otherwise, please consider purchasing a ticket to and attending the October 13 gala.  In addition, please encourage your company or firm to make a donation, match your donation, purchase a table at the event or provide an auction item for our silent auction that night. Thanks again for your support in this critical fight.  The stakes are high. Sincerely, Mark


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