My name is Tina Rosenbloom. I attend the bachelor of healthcare management program at IRSC. I am in the HOSA club, which is the future healthcare professional's club at school. I am an RN, but at this time will be a full-time senior this fall. I have cared for CF (cystic fibrosis) patients as a pediatric nurse in the past and had a roommate and friend with CF years ago. When HOSA mentioned the CF- Foundation's Tomorrow's Leaders' Summer College Program to engage with the CF community and learn more current research and treatment for CF patients, I couldn't wait to participate. This summer, I am learning how to better advocate for those with CF. They are a great organization of supportive, genuine people. Thanks for reading, and any contributions are appreciated and meaningful toward their future cure. If you can or can't donate but would like to learn more about CF, I strongly recommend the 2019 movie "Five Feet Apart." "Five feet Apart" is a movie about two teens with CF, and you can see what life with this terminal disease involves—seeing this movie could be life-changing. If you see this movie, you might even go to the next step and meet your local CF- Foundation chapter near you. You would meet great people and make a difference fundraising and engaging with this great community! I hope you will check out the 2019 movie "Five feet apart." Donate here, and check out your local CF- Foundation Chapter. Thanks for whatever you can do, and even just reading this. -Tina Rosenbloom