Declan's Dashers T-Shirt

Declan's Dashers 2019-2020 T-Shirts
I made this shirt as a way to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and give people a fun way to show their support for our family. 

Fill out this form to let us know how many shirts and their sizes. Give your moneys directly to Ryan or Rachel.

We need all orders in before September 1.

A little explanation on the design.

The logo on the back has been updated. The little knight is the only thing that didn't change. He backs a lot of meaning though. I love to read and I love art. Many people may know that I lived in Spain for a bit and as I learned to love the people and culture I gained more appreciation for authors and artist I already loved. I have always loved Cervantes' Don Quixote and Pablo Picasso also made a painting or a sketch of the main character and his poor little sidekick. I chose this as my inspiration after hearing my mother tell Declan stories of the brave Sir Declan, a knight who fought and defeated dragons of all sizes.

What is going on with the front?
Going along with the Don Quixote inspiration, my siblings helped me choose a quote from Miguel De Cervantes book. That unicorn? Well, who better to help you fight a dragon than a bad-a muscle unicorn? Am I right?

I went a little crazy and decided to add a little something to the shoulder. You can be like that freakin cool unicorn and sport your own Declan's Dashers shoulder tattoo.