Baton Rouge - Capital City's Finest

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The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Louisiana-Baton Rouge Chapter, are proud to present Capital City’s Finest. The chosen honorees exemplify leadership qualities, are active in their communities, and have excelled within their chosen industry. Those selected are among the most prominent, influential, and successful young professionals in our city! For more than 25 years, Capital City’s Finest have put their creativity, passion, and competitive spirit to the test as they've worked together to raise funds and awareness to support the mission of the CF Foundation. The 2023 class of Capital City’s Finest will strive to continue to help blaze a trail forward to find a cure for all those living with CF.

This year's honorees have committed to professional growth through a guided fundraising and awareness campaign which includes networking, socializing at events, fundraising, and connecting with our local CF Community. Their campaign will culminate with the Capital City’s Finest Celebration Event, on Friday, August 18, 2023. This event aims to celebrate the class’s overall success, as well as to recognize each individual honoree for their outstanding accomplishments. The evening provides guests with great food and refreshments, entertainment, and fun - it's the biggest and best party of the year!

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