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Liz Chalker

Liz Chalker

My AMAZING Friends and Family,

First off, THANK YOU for finding your way here. I could never be part of this amazing event and committee without your support (and I ACTUALLY mean that)!

I am back for second year to fundraise for a cause that means so much to me, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! My journey started here last year after deciding to move to Charlotte. I promised myself to be more involved, take chances outside of my comfort zone, and get back to things I really loved. I took a leap of faith and became a “doll” for the Guys and Dolls Auction Gala. After meeting the most amazing people, working with Sienna and her family, and seeing the difference this organization makes, I have been highly involved without looking back!

The work that is involved with being on the committee takes time, commitment, and is not as simple as “asking for money.” All those who are involved are continuously making calls, writing e-mails, working with business, and arranging independent fundraising events. Specifically, I also work to mentor a first year “doll” who is now walking in my past footsteps.

The little Wonder Woman in the picture above is the heart and soul of why I am so involved in this organization. She lives with cystic fibrosis but takes on the disease like a true super hero. In her honor, I fundraise in hopes to find a cure, to grant more tomorrows, and leave this world a little bit better.

Please consider donating to my fundraising efforts and supporting my participation in this event. There are a few ways you can support me:

1) Make a 100% tax deductible donation right here online with your credit or debit card

2) Purchase a ticket to the event (held March 30, 2019 at the Hilton Charlotte Center City) by clicking “Purchase” or by calling the Foundation at 704-321-7852. Tickets are $150 and include appetizers, beer and wine open bar, a DJ and dancing, as well as entrance into the after party at Prohibition, Tyber Creek, Connolly’s or Dandelion Market. VIP tickets are $225 and include all of the above PLUS – entry into the event an hour early with an open beer, wine AND liquor bar during that hour, access to an exclusive VIP bar during the event, premiere seating and a champagne toast.

With love,


raised of $2,000 goal

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