Roxanne's Graduation Fundraiser

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Roxanne's MBA Graduation Party
Event Info

April 23, 2022

Villa Park, CA


For questions about the party, please contact Roxanne Rothafel at roxannerothafel@gmail.com.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped on this education journey. From my cohort who had to stomach the transition from in-person to online classes, to my friends and family who were subject to my constant worry I was making a mistake somewhere in the process.


While most graduation parties are an opportunity to celebrate achievement, I want to focus on the aspect I learned the most from at Pepperdine - servant leadership. As a part of the 2022 class of Orange County's Finest, I want to use my graduation as an opportunity to highlight an organization that has meant so much to my career, my friends, and to the entire CF Community.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has fueled dramatic improvements in cystic fibrosis research and care and because of the Foundation, people with CF are living longer and healthier lives.  The outlook for people with CF continues to improve year after year.

Thank you for your support of my (occasionally wild) dreams, one of my favorite organizations, and ultimately for your support of the CF Community.