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Grant Adams

I work for QED Hospitality which we have three restaurants in Nashville called Marsh House, Kilebrew, and LA Jackson located in The Thompson Hotel. I am a Tennessee native and love everything it has to offer. I have always had a deep passion for cooking. For me, cooking is a connection and brings out stories of life. Fortunately, I grew up around our family farm in Tennessee where my very culinary foundation began especially learning how to cook from my grandmother, and I was also taught the meaning of “knowing where your food comes from.”

I had decided in the sixth grade that I was going to Johnson & Wales University for culinary arts. I started working in professional kitchens when I was a teenager and learned to let hard work speak for itself. When I turned 15, I started having seizures which I was soon diagnosed with refractable epilepsy where I am susceptible to random and unprovoked seizures for the rest of my life.  

With that comes, a reality change I didn’t let it define me. I accepted it for apart of who I am. Despite what people said or did, I held onto my faith and graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Culinary Arts but also graduating with two more degrees and two minors in: Baking & Pastry, and Business. 

My culinary career took me to New Orleans where I worked at Willa Jean, Restaurant August, and Shaya, but I was soon brought back to my roots in Nashville as our hospitality group expanded into Nashville. With having refractable epilepsy and working in kitchens, I have learned to cultivate a safe, friendly, successful working environment as a team. I found the importance of being open and educating others about epilepsy, wearing a helmet in the kitchen for safety, working on a mat, and having a streamlined approach to seizure first aid by creating a seizure first aid kit with everything needed during the event of a seizure for every kitchen to have for when a seizure happens. It’s not all one person though. It takes a team for success, and a team is about being there for one another always. 

In having this opportunity of being in Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30, I have been able to learn about a new disorder. Only 30 thousand Americans have Cystic Fibrosis (CF.) 1 in 31 are symptomless carries of the CF gene. The median survival age is 41 years old. The defective CF gene causes thick buildup of mucus in the lungs and other organs, so it’s like breathing through a straw. With only having 30 thousand American CF patients, there’s not much demand to bring down the cost of treatments leaving most patients with not getting all the needed treatments.

Through my own life experience, I feel as though everyone with a disability or disorder should be given the chance to live, to be heard, and to succeed like everyone else. With a team approach, I feel we can reach the $5000.00 goal together.Thank you to everyone to give those who suffer with Cystic Fiborsis a fighting chance. Your donation and all proceeds goes directly to patients, their families, and research.

(Your donation is safe and secure, and upon completion of your donation, you will receive a tax deduction based on the amount donated via email.)


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