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Richelle Meiss

When my sister was born with cystic fibrosis, they said that she wouldn't live past high school.

Because of donors like you, the odds have changed and she became a doctor last year at age 28.

Next year, a new drug is coming out that may keep her lungs healthy for the rest of her life. We are fighting against the clock. But we have hope.

My sister recently wrote an essay called "Live Like You Are Dying." It's not something that a 28-year-old should have to be grappling with. But what tenacity she has to face an adversary as worthy as death and still wake up each day ready to fight. Not just to survive, but to live.

Every dollar helps, and we won't stop until CF stands for Cure Found. Please consider donating or buying a ticket to the third annual Get Salty comedy show for a cure. 🌹

As a doctor, every day she helps save lives. I'm asking you to help save hers. https://finest.cff.org/get-salty


Very happy day when Lauren became Dr. Meiss.

Very happy day when Lauren became Dr. Meiss.


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